Location,TX 75035,USA

September 21-22 
Port Elgin, Ontario

Join us for the first annual Lake Huron Chess ProAm

Saugeen Central Elementary School
504 Catherine Street, Port Elgin, ON

Early Bird Registration until August 20 Save $10 and register now!


Sections Pro (2000+), Under 2000 (FIDE+CFC rated)
Under 1600, Under 1200 (CFC rated)

Top 2 sections FIDE+CFC rated. 


Pro section: $70 early bird, $80 regular, entry fees returned as prize money

All other sections: $50 early bird, $60 regular

Playing Up
Players within 100 points of the section above may pay $20 to play up, proceeds to the olympic fund

Register Now

Round 1 — 10:00 AM
Round 2 — 2:30 PM
Round 3 — 6:00 PM

Round 4 – 10:00 AM
Round 5 – 2:30 PM


All games are G/90 + 30 second increment.

First-round forfeit time is 60 minutes. All other rounds are 30 minutes. Whites’ clocks will start at the start of the round. 

Registration Details

Early bird registration is available until August 20th. Register now and save $10.
All registrations must be paid by 8:00 PM on Friday, September 20th to guarantee a swiss paring. Late registrations or late payments may be paired in the first round, but are not guaranteed a swiss pairing.

Players within 100 points of the next rating section may elect to play up a section for a $20 fee. All proceeds to the Olympic Fund.